As part of the sign off of an ambient air monitoring system the client wanted an independent overview of the performance of a analysis system prior to shipping and final payments to the vendor.

Ongoing Environmental Monitoring in the environs of a modern EfW facility requires the monitoring of Soil and Vegetation for Trace Metals and Micro-Pollutants such as Dioxins/Furans (PCDDs/PCDFs), PAHs, PCBs etc.

An International Waste Management company commissioned Oakwood Environmental to conduct a series of background ambient air campaigns to provide information for Environmental Impact Statements

Factory Acceptance Test for an Ambient Air System bound for Africa

Soil & Grass Sampling and Analysis for Metals and PCDDs/PCDFs in the vicinity of an EfW

Ambient Air Monitoring Station as part of an EIS for a EfW Project

Project List

Oakwood Environmental Services


An American Multi-National Company required consultancy and project management to facilitate certification of an extractive Continuous Emissions Monitoring System to EU Standards. This would allow sales of this equipment in the EU and provide certification to the UK MCerts Standard. The Project involved Laboratory and Field Testing in Germany and the USA

MCerts & EN15267 Parts 1 to 3 Instrument Product Certification

Investigation of the ingress of fumes into a large office block requiring a walk through survey, ambient and occupational measurements together with meteorological correlation of information (3 year study). This led to a full refurbishment of the building change in fuels in the boiler house.

Trace Fume and Sick Building Syndrome Project

Monitoring Report on  two Chemical Incinerators and a boiler for permitting by the Irish EPA. The project included DRE trials for indicator VOCs and monitoring using a Semi-Vost sampling methodology. 

Dioxin/Furan Monitoring and abatement Optimisation of a Chemical Incinerator

Training courses in the use of Isokinetic equipment and the subsequent deployment for Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans, to BS EN 1948, Metals to BS EN 14385, Mercury BS EN 13211 and common Source Emission Species are regularly conducted. These courses can be tailored to specific needs and include Field Training where feasible.

Training in the use of Isokinetic Sampling Equipment for Trace Organics